Can I send back or recycle the packaging?

Although we do not facilitate a program to collect boxes, all of our packaging is 100% recyclable!

To break down the box, pop out the sides, fold the cardboard flat, and put it out with your paper recycling. Both the silver liner and ice packs are also recyclable. Simply let the nontoxic ice packs melt, cut them open, and pour the gel into a plastic bag, which you can then dispose. Or pour the solution down the sink and run with warm water to dissolve any stubborn gel. Recycle the package. The bags, bottles and containers, depending on your region, can be compiled and recycled. We also suggest removing the labels and keeping them on hand for future use. Many of the containers are perfect for leftovers and the bottles are perfect for transporting lunches to the office!

We are continuously making improvements to reduce our environmental impact. Let us know if you come up with any other creative solutions to recycling packaging so we can share with customers!