How Do I Know What Plan to Pick?

There are certainly a lot of options to choose from, but each plan has a specific focus, depending on your needs:

  • The 15 Minute Meal Plan includes all of the quick and easy meals you need to make dinner in a hurry and still get that home chef experience.
  • Our Vegetarian Plan is full of delicious meals without animal-based proteins.  These meals come with a great selection of high quality and specialty ingredients suited to the herbivores among us.
  • Family Plan is perfect for the busy family, each recipe coming with 4 servings of delicious family-friendly meals that both you and your kids will enjoy.
  • Last is our classic plan, letting you experience meals from each of the other plans as well as some unique dishes from the brilliant minds of our culinary team.

All of the plans are fantastic options depending on your needs and you can always switch between plans week to week from your profile page as circumstances change.