How does the auto-selection service work?

While you can log in every week to select your meals from our ever changing menu (updated every Friday morning), Chefs Plate will also automatically select meals for you based on your taste preferences.

We’ll send you an email when your meals have been selected for you (if you want to change them, see How do I pick my meals?)An order will be generated for you every week based on the preferences you provided as part of your account creation process.

Have your tastes changed? Follow the below steps to update your preferences. You can also always manually update your orders at anytime before the delivery cut-off (4 days prior to your chosen delivery date.)

How To Change Your Taste Preferences

  1. Login to your Chefs Plate Account
  2. Go to “Account Settings” in the top menu bar
  3. Click on “Taste Preferences” from the left-hand side menu
  4. Uncheck any foods you don't wish to have delivered or are allergic to by clicking them. When a box is green and has a ✓ we’ll include dishes that contain these ingredients when we automatically pick your meals for you. When the box is grey and has an X you won’t receive these.
  5. Click “Save Preferences” when you’re finished with your selections