How do I pick my meals?

We can automatically generate an order for you based on your taste preferences (for more information, see How does the auto-selection service work? ), however many customers love picking their meals themselves on a weekly basis.

How To Pick Your Meals

  1. Login to your Chefs Plate Account
  2. Click Your Name and “My Profile” to see your next delivery dates
  3. Select “Choose Meals Now” for the week that you would like to order for or select the week if you wish to edit
  4. Click the + or x sign in the upper right of each meal image to add or remove a meal from your order (you can also click the image to be taken to a detailed description of each recipe)
  5. Add your desired meals to your order
    1. If you would like to add or reduce the number of meals for a given week, do so with the “Number of recipes” slider. This will not change your plan preferences for following weeks.
    2. Likewise, if you would like to change your delivery date for a given week, use the “Delivers On” drop down menu
  6. When you’re finished, select “Save Changes” (we’ll send you an email to confirm we’ve got the information)